July 21, 2014

ALS Staff

The Lois Insolia ALS Center is dedicated to the total care of people with ALS. During a visit, patients meet with several members of the team and each provides input and suggestions regarding health care needs. The team includes:

These are medical doctors specially trained in the field of neuromuscular disorders. They perform careful neurological examinations, monitor the course of the disease, and provide symptomatic medical therapy and comprehensive care for the patient and family. They also coordinate the team’s efforts in meeting a patient’s needs.

Send Ajroud-Driss, MD
Jeffrey Allen, MD
Scott Heller, MD

John-Michael Li, MD
Teepu Siddique, MD
Robert Sufit, MD

This is a physician who possesses specialized knowledge and skill in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary (lung) and sleep conditions and diseases. They assess a patient’s respiratory status and help maximize respiratory function with a variety of interventions.

Lisa Wolfe, MD
John Coleman, MD

Nurses and Medical Assistants
Our nurses and medical assistants help to evaluate individual health care needs, plan and implement the medical treatment, contact appropriate community resources, make referrals, and provide education to patients, caregivers, family, and other healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with neuromuscular disease.

Virginia Storey, RN, BSN
Stephanie Hesser, CMA
Neurology Department Clinical Practice Manager
The Clinical Practice Manager oversees the daily operations for the Department of Neurology at the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation.

Anny Sandoval, RN

Les Turner Director of Patient Services
This team member is the primary contact for ALS patients and/or family members communi- cating with the Les Turner ALS Foundation and serves as a liaison between the Lois Insolia ALS Center and the Foundation. This professional disseminates ALS information, provides telephone support and referral, coordinates support group meetings and administers loans of durable medical and augmentative communication equipment.

Easton Stevenson, LCSW

Julie Stowell, RN

Les Turner Home Care Team
ALS Nurse Consultants are available for home and community visits. These professionals are trained to evaluate a patient in their home and consult on daily living needs, as well as providing ongoing support, disease education, and care coordination.

Ileane Mindel, RN
Judy Richman, RN, BSN

Julie Stowell, RN

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker is available for home and community visits. This professional may assist with coping strategies for both the patient and family members. Sessions may be arranged for individual, couples, or family counseling in the home. The social worker can also provide information and guidance on issues associated with disability, Medicare, and advanced directives.

Director of Social Services – Laurie Fieldman, LCSW
Easton Stevenson, LCSW

For more information on The Les Turner ALS Foundation, please click here.

Clinical Research Coordinator
This team member disseminates information about current ALS drug studies and provides information to interested patients, screens prospective participants for ALS drug studies at the Lois Insolia ALS Center and organizes medical records pertaining to the study, and conducts study sessions with ALS physicians and staff.

Pat Casey, MS, OTR/L, CCRC

This professional provides a nutritional assessment, support and education for patients. They assess nutritional needs, coordinate proper diet therapy, and educate patients and their families on proper nutrition and hydration for improved quality of life.

Joyelle Temming, RD, LDN, CNSC
Katie Slagle, RD, LDN, CNSC

Genetic Counselor
This team member works primarily with patients with the familial (inherited) form of ALS, which accounts for 5-10% of ALS cases. They act as a liaison between patient, laboratory, and physi- cians, and can discuss inheritance patterns and risk factors.

Lisa Kinsley, MS, CGC

Occupational Therapy
This team member is specially trained to evaluate and enhance an individual’s functional abilities. They can recommend special adaptive equipment, provide exercise programs, and suggest ways to maintain and upgrade activities of daily living such as feeding, dressing, and hygiene.


Speech Language Pathologist
This individual, specially trained in evaluating speech and swallowing disorders, helps the patient maintain speech and swallowing function as well as adapt to alternative communication systems if speech is no longer understandable.

Sharon Veis, MA, CCC-SLP
Kristin Larsen, MA, CCC-SLP

Other Services

The team is provided with the support of vendors who regularly attend the clinic to provide service to patients during their visits. These professionals may include respiratory therapists, rehabilitation technology specialists, orthotists, and regional sales consultants for communication equipment.

Mobility – Mark Vranicar
Hill-Rom – Lisa Gorsky, RRT
Ballert Orthopedic – Gene Bernardoni, R.PH, CO, C.PED
Ballert Orthopedic – Mark Han, CO

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