July 21, 2014

Training Programs


For over 25 years, the Neurogenetics Laboratory summer internship program, under the direction of Dr. Teepu Siddique, has provided hands-on laboratory research experience and training opportunities to hundreds of high school, undergraduate, and medical students. Our goal is to provide students with experiences that encourage them to consider further pursuits in science and help them acquire the skills needed to become successful candidates in selective academic programs.

Each year, between 12 to 15 students from diverse educational backgrounds in the US and abroad are mentored by graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and/or senior faculty members.  The students become active participants in cutting edge ALS, genetics, and biochemical research projects. They also participate in interdisciplinary research group meetings, journal club presentations, and seminars.

Applications are accepted beginning January 1 for the following summer. While there is no strict GPA requirement, students are required to provide a letter of intent, their resume/CV, a copy of their transcript (if in high school), and three letters of recommendation. Students at all levels may also participate in research rotations in the laboratory throughout the year, including as observers, interns, and/or participants in specific projects.

Inquires and applications should be directed to Dr. Felix Nuñez Santana at


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